by Jed McConkey

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If any of you are interested in Meditation give this a go! I have created a 440 hz sine wave panned hard Left and a 430 panned hard Right to trick your brain to create a 10hz signal in the center of your head. 10 hz is below our hearing range but can be created as i mentioned and puts your brainwaves into an Alpha state which relaxes the mind and body. Totally experimental on my part but i think it works. If it works for you, you can download the trk for free! Let me know what ya think. Use a set of headphones to get the full frequency stereo placement.


Progressive Brain Entrainment (experimental)


released January 29, 2014
Written, recorded and Produced by Jed.



all rights reserved


Jed McConkey Belfast, UK

Songwriter / Musician
Performer / Producer

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